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Video Services

UJD offers a broad and flexible range of creative services, ranging from simple logo animations to bespoke, broadcast quality video incorporating stylish post-production motion graphic design. We provide fresh and innovative ideas with high production values at competitive prices.

Whether you are looking to demonstrate a product or service, create a behind-the-scenes video, increase website traffic or amplify brand awareness, our video production team will guide you through the process and deliver the perfect end product for your needs.

Your video might be a simple animated logo with titles and bullet points, a corporate video for internal or external presentation or a much more sophisticated 3D animation. Once we understand your needs, we sit down with our creative team and produce a no-obligation proposal for your consideration.

The big question is why video?

The most obvious answer to this is 'People like to deal with people'.

Putting a human face on your organisation immediately knocks down that impersonal barrier that a lot of websites have without even knowing it. How many times have you searched a website for a way to contact them? Tried to understand a little more about who they are and what they do? By using video, you are opening up a door giving your client access to something that no amount of facts and figures can supply.

Using video on your site is a fast way of letting your client know there are real people behind the scenes. It grabs the attention of your audience the moment they enter your site and adds real impact to your message.

A video can be watched time and time again and can be shared (virally) in a split second. A video can reach the eyes and ears of millions of customers around the world allowing you to promote your product or services in the most cost effective way.

Studies show that we absorb 75% of what we see and hear compared to only 25% of what we read. That's a considerable difference.

In a nutshell - video is the most effective way to communicate with your audience. Moving images can be engaging, informative, entertaining and compelling and when done well, one video can achieve all four.

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